The Three Different List Building Techniques That Every Marketer Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Without realising it most marketers these days are running a one dimensional type of business when it comes to list building techniques.

Most marketers that I know only stick to one method of communicating with their customers and prospects. 

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How To Overcome The Challenges Of Software Development ~ With Andy Bailey

In episode three of the Lo Cost Marketing Podcast I interview the creator of the CommentLuv plugin, designed by software developer Andy Bailey. Andy is from the north of England. The main topics discussed were some advice for people just getting started in software development and also some of the biggest challenges that a developer faces.

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How To Build Relationships Through Smart Email Marketing & Guest Posting ~ With Danny Iny

In the second episode of the Lo Cost Marketing podcast we interview "The Freddy Krueger of Blogging" – Danny Iny from Danny has a wealth of experience online, and more importantly RESULTS, and in this interview we tap into some of his secrets to online success.

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How To Get Started Properly Online ~ With Jonathon Knepper

In the first episode of the Lo Cost Marketing podcast I interview online entrepreneur Jonathon Knepper from BlogBuildr.

We talk about his background online, the mistakes he has made along the way, advice for people just getting started and we also talk about his new project BlogBuildr.

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Nine Reasons Why You Should Not Put Banner Ads On Your Blog If You Are Just Starting Out

As a newbie blogger I know how tempting it is to put ads on your blog in the hope that you are going to make thousands from affiliate sales or Google Adsense.

When I first got started I put lots of banner ads all over the blog (not this blog, a different one), and was excited about the income potential. As it turned out I made close to nothing from those banner ads and looking back on it, I am not surprised that was the case. 

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Product Review: How To Start A Blog That Matters

Starting a blog is a daunting prospect if you have never done it before, and have no idea what you are doing. 

Most people really get bogged down in the technical stuff such as the web design, the theme, and the layout of their website, but ignore the more important factors such as:

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