It serves me right for not paying enough attention, but even so… Yesterday I sent out a second email to correct a silly mistake I made in the main email. And I got a couple of interesting replies to that. Here’s the first… ====================================== When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll… It is also […]

A subscriber writes in to ask… “Would you say it’s better to write a really short email with a link to my blog (to read the rest of the message), or to just put the whole thing in the email itself?” Well if you had of asked me this a few years ago, I would […]

Here’s a great quote I came across on Twitter. “Stay committed to your goals but be flexible with your methods.” – Author unknown. The reason why I like it so much is that most people have got this back to front. They’re constantly changing their goals and pretty much sticking with the same methods. But the […]

Working too hard can be fatal. For example… A week or two ago a Dunkin Donuts employee was found dead in her car. Now this woman wasn’t just any Dunkin Donuts employee, she actually worked a shift at 3 different stores…. And slept in her car in between shifts. She also kept a gasoline can […]

Dodgy banks ripping me off

by Scott Dudley

Here’s why you should never trust the banks (or anyone for that matter)… Recently I’ve experienced two instances of having money incorrectly taken out our bank account. First up we booked some plane tickets. The payment was made over the counter with the airline. And then a few days later we noticed the card was in debit, […]

Maybe you can relate to this… Back in the 80’s, I can remember frequently visiting a popular theme park at the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Now this was an AWESOME place to go for a holiday. And the main attraction was a massive spiral shaped water slide. It was easily the tallest and longest slide I’ve […]

There’s a huge trap that a lot of us fall in to. It’s probably the biggest reason why people fail to accomplish what they really want out of life. And once you’re in this trap, it’s very difficult to get out. So what am I talking about? The dreaded COMFORT ZONE. I think we’ve all […]

Time to talk again about email subscribers vs Facebook followers. The last few days I’ve been reading Jeff Walker’s excellent book, “Launch”. And Chapter 3 covers list building, which he eloquently calls, “A License To Print Money”. But there’s one part in particular that caught my attention. Check out what Jeff has to say about […]

How to deal with jackasses

by Scott Dudley

A subscriber writes in to ask… “How do you handle disgruntled subscribers who write in to complain and demand you take them off your list? Sometimes I write back to defend myself, but that only seems to make things worse.” Well, if you’ve got a decent size list you’ve got to expect to get some […]

One I love to do is to keep things simple. You see, over the years I’ve bought many training programs, books, courses etc. on business and marketing. And one thing that 99% of them have had in common is they’re long and drawn out, and in a lot of cases… BAWRING. Some books include a lot […]

Here’s a book you should get your hands on… It’s the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. If you’re keen to get what you want and dominate your area of expertise… this book is for you. But anywayz, one law in particular caught my attention in regard to email. It is Law 6 -“Court […]

Overnight success is BS…

by Scott Dudley

One thing I notice with a lot of people who start email marketing is they give up FAR too early. They start off with good intentions and have high hopes of building a large responsive list. And they stick to their daily email schedule by writing entertaining emails that also promote their products But then a […]

This technique is one of the simplest (but most effective ways) to get a prospect to buy… And if you do it right, you’re bound to make a lot of sales.  So what is it?  It’s simply to keep getting the prospect to say “YES” to himself while reading the copy.  Hey, I know that doesn’t sound earth shattering… […]

There’s a scene in the 1999 movie, “Fight Club”, where the narrator (played by Ed Norton) has just realized his apartment has burnt down. Not knowing what to do next, he decided to ring the guy he had just met on his plane trip, Tyler Durden. They decide to meet in a bar and the […]

The ultimate lead magnet

by Scott Dudley

I discovered an interesting idea the other day for a lead magnet. Well I had noticed it before, but I’d never really paid attention to it. It’s something that Perry Marshall and Russell Brunson use very effectively. So what it is? It’s offering a free physical book and only charging for shipping costs. Now, what’s […]

Got a question recently from a subscriber about guarantees… “I’m in two minds about how long I should make the guarantee for my product. Should I make it a short guarantee, or maybe a really long one? I’m trying to minimise refunds as much as possible.” Well first off, in general, nearly every big name […]

Wanna know one of the worst traits of an amateur copywriter? It’s going overboard with hype and ridiculous power selling techniques. You see, the biggest problem with this style of writing is it repels the prospect immediately. As soon as they read any of these words it usually sets off resistance. Why? Cuz the prospect feels […]

One of the worst ways you can attract new customers is through price. It’s so common (particularly in retail outlets) to see business owners slashing their prices to ensure they’re the cheapest. Hell, they even advertise… “We will not be beaten for price.” It kinda reminds me of Walmart. But in my humble opinion this […]

Picture a large, healthy gum tree. It’s got long branches with plenty of leaves blowing around in the wind. Many years ago this tree started as just a seed that was planted in the ground. Over a long period of time the environment has provided it with sufficient water and sunlight to keep it growing. And […]

I came across an excellent quote today… If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. And when you think about it, this is exactly right. You see many people say they want things, but they’re not prepared to follow the process to get there. Especially […]

Let’s talk about emotions and selling… As prospects are reading your ads there are a variety of emotions going through their head. Some are positive, some are negative, and the rest are probably lukewarm. That’s obvious… right! But more importantly, there are three emotions in particular that are CERTAIN to severely reduce the likelihood of your prospect buying from you.  […]

I came across an interesting discovery today. It’s got to do with a creature that is called a Banana Slug. Apparently they are found in North America. But I’d never heard of them before, let alone seen one. So if you’ve never seen a Banana Slug either, it’s appearance is just as it sounds. A […]

I’ve subscribed to a lot of marketers lists in my day. But I’ve got to be honest. Very few of them have I actually paid attention to. Obviously some more than others. But when you have dozens of unread messages sitting there, you have to prioritise them. Just like most people, I tend to ignore […]

Maybe you’ve heard of a guy called Bernard Baruch He was an American financier, stock investor, philanthropist, statesman, and political consultant in the first half of the 20th century. And he had a classic saying, which although it appears to be extremely simplistic, it is pure genius. The saying was: “Find out what people want – […]

I’ve got a strange confession to make… Mosquitos love me for some reason. Just like most humans find chocolate or lobster delicious, those mozzies are equally as excited to bite into my skin. And the weird thing is they find my ankles and heels the tastiest parts to feast on. I have no idea why […]

Don’t believe me? Well consider this… Copywriting actually has a few advantages other than just helping you to sell more products. That might be its primary purpose Batman… yes. But here’s a few other things it helps you with as well. Communicating better Writing better stories Getting more clients Convincing your spouse or kids to […]

One of the great Led Zeppelin songs from way back in 1969, was a song titled Dazed & Confused. I guess you could say it was a song inspired about a guy who was obsessed with a particular women he knew. The third verse describes this perfectly. “Every day I work so hard, bringin’ home […]

I came across something quite funny today. Check this out… If you swear at Apple’s automated customer service, it puts you through to a human. Which is sorta interesting when you think about it. All the big corporations these days use this automated crap to filter the telephone calls through to the right area. But […]

A subscriber writes in this week with a question about selecting your target market. “What are the most important things I need to be researching to get clear on my ideal target market”? My thoughts: Obviously you need to know exactly who the people are you’re writing to in an advertisement. Otherwise you’re just guessing. […]

Ahhh, what will they think of next? I’ve recently noticed dodgy marketers are using a trick designed to give the impression that emails are not automated. So what’s the trick I speak of? It’s simply finishing the message with the words… “Sent from my iPhone” (or iPad). Now, the thinking behind this is the reader […]

You know, I’ve read Stephen King’s excellent book “On Writing” a few times. And I’ve gotta say it’s an awesome read. The book is based on his own approach to the writing process itself… and includes a lot of tips for aspiring writers. Bottom line… it’s a book I highly recommend for those wanting to improve their […]

Sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it. I mean Jenny Craig (the weight loss company) and copywriting couldn’t have much in common could they? Well not really, but there is a concept that Jenny Craig uses that works like wonders for a copywriter.  OK let me share it with you… I would say there is an […]

Obviously the point of a headline is to grab the attention of the reader. And to get them to keep reading with a sense of excitement.  But the problem is… A lot of pieces of copy I read fail to hit the mark.  Nobody wants to deliberately write boring headlines, but if you don’t tick […]

One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced marketers make is they’re willing to accept almost anybody as a… [+] subscriber [+] customer [+] client The barrier to entry is so low it attracts anything with two legs and a pulse. I would estimate that around 99% of people selling online would welcome as many customers or […]

Here’s what not to do with email… If you’ve ever been an affiliate before you’ve probably been introduced to swipe email. You know, where they provide you with prewritten emails to send out to your list.  All you have to do is copy and paste them. Nice and easy. Hell, most companies even encourage you to […]

Some marketers are too shy or afraid to sell their products. They have little or no confidence in their products. But at the same time they’re depressed and disappointed at the meagre amount of sales they’re getting. The truth is you can’t have it both ways. Let’s face it… if you don’t believe you have a great […]

Writing copy back asswards

by Scott Dudley

It’s so easy to get this wrong… When writing advertisements or emails, the first thing some copywriters think about is the product. They ask themselves questions like… “How can I get more people to buy this product?” Or, “How can I manipulate people into taking action and placing an order?” Their whole focus is on […]

I’ll be back…

by Scott Dudley

There’s one scene in the  first Terminator movie that I never get sick of watching. It takes place in a police station which is holding Sarah Connor. Here’s the dialogue… The Terminator: I’m a friend of Sarah Connor. I was told she was here. Could I see her please? Desk Sergeant: No, you can’t see her. […]

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying you shouldn’t be using testimonials. If you’ve got good “results based” testimonials, then by all means use them. The problem with testimonials though, is most people don’t believe them. As an example, you can pay people on (and other sites) to do video testimonials for you. Or […]

I watched the move Gladiator again recently. In a nutshell… General Maximus Decimus Meridius is betrayed by the emperor’s ambitious (and cowardly) son, Commodus. The emperor is dying and has chosen Maximus to succeed him in the throne. Commodus is devastated when he hears the news, and promptly decides to defy both of them by […]