Here’s something you’ll want to check out if your business is struggling… 18 year marketing veteran and 7 figure earner Marc Goldman is running a massive contest with a first prize of 5 hours of top level consulting worth $5,000. The winner will be shown how to put together a winning campaign from start to […]

Okay so this is a little embarrassing. I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the direction of my business and what I’m best focusing my time on. You see, many times I’ve said in this newsletter that you should concentrate on become world class at one particular skill… and to not dilute your […]

Picture a busy city street that’s full of traffic and pedestrians… Cars are moving at a snails pace and drivers are getting frustrated. Pedestrians are getting in each other’s way. They’re pushing and shoving their way through the crowded footpaths. Tempers are flaring amid the chaos. And just to top off this nightmare… There’s a […]

The 13 hour sofa

by Scott Dudley

Here’s a frustrating and embarrassing story I read about… “My wife and I drove two hours from our rural town to buy a new sofa. When we got home, it took us an hour to figure out there was no way to fit it through our door. We made the two-hour drive back to return […]

How to become the HUNTED

by Scott Dudley

I came across a quote on the weekend that is contrary to what a lot of people believe these days… “Remember that the most effective communication channel still is, and will continue to be, EMAIL.” The quote is from a brilliant book called Magnetic Sponsoring, written by Mike Dillard. And while he originally wrote the book […]

This reminds me a bit of myself about a decade ago… Today, I realized that I ran out of deodorant. On top of that, I was late to work so I had to run, making me all sweaty and smelly. To cover it up, I used the air-freshener in the toilet at work. Everyone recognized […]

Here’s something funny I read online… “Today, I thought I felt my cell phone vibrating. Turned out it was just my girlfriend letting out a vicious fart against my leg.” Sheesh, she doesn’t sound very delicate does she? But this is a classic case of assuming things before getting the real facts. It reminds a […]

Alright it’s Friday, so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet… But still give you value. So, I came across an interesting discovery the other day… I read online that if you put your mobile phone on “aeroplane mode” it charges twice as quickly. (By the way, you should try it and then thank me later.) So […]

It’s complete chaos

by Scott Dudley

I was shocked when I first came across this… It was about 8 years ago when I first visited the Philippines (which is where I’m staying temporarily for the next few years). And probably the most surprising thing was how the busy city streets had virtually NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS WHATSOEVER at intersections. The place I’m […]

So I watched a movie yesterday called “Homefront”. The main actor was Jason Statham (my personal favourite), and it was another one of his usual movies where all the bad guys get their asses kicked. He plays the part of Phil Broker, an ex-undercover cop. And early in the movie you see his daughter being […]

The big dilemma

by Scott Dudley

If you’re a marketer putting up a sales page, you have a dilemma. Should you create a video sales letter or a traditional text based sales letter? Or should you do both? And which one converts better? Well, firstly amigo… I’d say it depends which market you are in, as to which converts better. You […]

Sh!t what have I done

by Scott Dudley

I read about a funny story today… “Today, I watched as the teenage neighbor girl tried to parallel-park between me and my wife’s cars. She was doing pretty well until she backed into mine, got scared, hit the accelerator and ran into my wife’s.” And I have to admit I had a laugh while picturing […]

It’s crazy but true

by Scott Dudley

One thing I’ve found rare amongst info marketers is… Ensuring their customers actually consume (or use) the product they’ve sold them. A lot of us tend to completely ignore this. You see, the explosion of digital information products over the last 15 years has created a problem… Some people buy products but never bother opening […]

Here’s a classic marketing mistake… Giving away too much on the front end. I’m talking about marketers who decide to freely give people their VERY BEST secrets. They hope they will wow people enough to buy in the future. When in actual fact… they’re just shooting themselves in the foot. Let’s use Hollywood as an […]

Every now and then I come across this on forums and blogs… People worshipping Tim Ferris’s book, “The Four Hour Workweek”. Now while I freely admit that Ferris is a highly intelligent guy, and there are some excellent concepts included, I can’t quite agree that the book a masterpiece. Why? Here are the main reasons… […]

A subscriber gots to know… “What would you recommend as the best source of traffic to send to my [NAME OF BIZ OP] lead capture page?” Well first things first Tiger… I don’t recommend you send any traffic to a replicated Biz Op lead capture page. Especially paid traffic. Why? It’s as useless as tits […]

In case you don’t know, Fonzie was the ultra cool guy from the TV show “Happy Days”. All the girls loved him and all the guys wanted to be him. The black leather jacket, white t-shirt and his motorbike were a legendary combination. But anyway, here’s a few reasons why you should run your business […]

Nobody said creating a successful business was simple. But I’ve noticed some people give up way too easily when the going gets tough. The truth is… you’ve got to be prepared to fail at least a few times before you make it. And if you read my emails last week, you’ll notice that I had […]

I had a subscriber write in to ask me… “Why don’t you put social media links on your website? You’d make a lot more money if you made it easier for people to connect with you on social media.” Before I answer this directly I want to point out something. The PRIMARY purpose of a […]

Sexy pictures gone wrong

by Scott Dudley

I came across this comment whilst randomly surfing the web today. “Today, I sent my fiancé a sexy picture while I was at work. I never got a response from him, so I gave him a call after a while. His 9-year-old son answered. Apparently he was getting a haircut at the time.” Well, one […]

Well, we’ve made it to the finish line… and all good things have to come to an end.  I think I’ve covered everything single thing I’d do differently if I had to start from scratch again. Some pearls of wisdom here for those who aren’t getting the results they would like in their business. Anywho… […]

So, we’re nearly there.  On the home stretch now.  But I had someone ask me why there was only 3 points made yesterday.  Just so everybody is aware, I’m listing 3 “crucial marketing mistakes I’ve made” each day of this week… which is a total of 15. (3 x 5 =15 agreed?) Otherwise it would […]

Right, so we’re about half way through this series of mistakes you should be avoiding.  So far I’ve received some pretty good feedback about the first 6 points… but I’m expecting that to change today.  You see, I’m predicting a few people will get upset about point number 8.  There could well be outrage. Oh […]

Yeppers, it’s time to confess to making more mistakes today. Well mistakes I’ve learnt from to be more exact. And mistakes you should be avoiding as well. So, continuing on from yesterday here are numbers 4 – 6… 4. Not doing paid traffic. I hated the idea of paying for traffic in those days. What […]

I thought this one might be useful for those people who are just getting started in internet marketing. But on reflection… it’s also pretty useful for those who have been doing it for a while as well. There are some golden lessons to learn here. You see, these are the exact things I wish someone […]

It serves me right for not paying enough attention, but even so… Yesterday I sent out a second email to correct a silly mistake I made in the main email. And I got a couple of interesting replies to that. Here’s the first… ====================================== When you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll… It is also […]

A subscriber writes in to ask… “Would you say it’s better to write a really short email with a link to my blog (to read the rest of the message), or to just put the whole thing in the email itself?” Well if you had of asked me this a few years ago, I would […]

Here’s a great quote I came across on Twitter. “Stay committed to your goals but be flexible with your methods.” – Author unknown. The reason why I like it so much is that most people have got this back to front. They’re constantly changing their goals and pretty much sticking with the same methods. But the […]

Working too hard can be fatal. For example… A week or two ago a Dunkin Donuts employee was found dead in her car. Now this woman wasn’t just any Dunkin Donuts employee, she actually worked a shift at 3 different stores…. And slept in her car in between shifts. She also kept a gasoline can […]

Dodgy banks ripping me off

by Scott Dudley

Here’s why you should never trust the banks (or anyone for that matter)… Recently I’ve experienced two instances of having money incorrectly taken out our bank account. First up we booked some plane tickets. The payment was made over the counter with the airline. And then a few days later we noticed the card was in debit, […]

Maybe you can relate to this… Back in the 80’s, I can remember frequently visiting a popular theme park at the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Now this was an AWESOME place to go for a holiday. And the main attraction was a massive spiral shaped water slide. It was easily the tallest and longest slide I’ve […]

There’s a huge trap that a lot of us fall in to. It’s probably the biggest reason why people fail to accomplish what they really want out of life. And once you’re in this trap, it’s very difficult to get out. So what am I talking about? The dreaded COMFORT ZONE. I think we’ve all […]

Time to talk again about email subscribers vs Facebook followers. The last few days I’ve been reading Jeff Walker’s excellent book, “Launch”. And Chapter 3 covers list building, which he eloquently calls, “A License To Print Money”. But there’s one part in particular that caught my attention. Check out what Jeff has to say about […]

How to deal with jackasses

by Scott Dudley

A subscriber writes in to ask… “How do you handle disgruntled subscribers who write in to complain and demand you take them off your list? Sometimes I write back to defend myself, but that only seems to make things worse.” Well, if you’ve got a decent size list you’ve got to expect to get some […]

One I love to do is to keep things simple. You see, over the years I’ve bought many training programs, books, courses etc. on business and marketing. And one thing that 99% of them have had in common is they’re long and drawn out, and in a lot of cases… BAWRING. Some books include a lot […]

Here’s a book you should get your hands on… It’s the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. If you’re keen to get what you want and dominate your area of expertise… this book is for you. But anywayz, one law in particular caught my attention in regard to email. It is Law 6 -“Court […]

Overnight success is BS…

by Scott Dudley

One thing I notice with a lot of people who start email marketing is they give up FAR too early. They start off with good intentions and have high hopes of building a large responsive list. And they stick to their daily email schedule by writing entertaining emails that also promote their products But then a […]

This technique is one of the simplest (but most effective ways) to get a prospect to buy… And if you do it right, you’re bound to make a lot of sales.  So what is it?  It’s simply to keep getting the prospect to say “YES” to himself while reading the copy.  Hey, I know that doesn’t sound earth shattering… […]

There’s a scene in the 1999 movie, “Fight Club”, where the narrator (played by Ed Norton) has just realized his apartment has burnt down. Not knowing what to do next, he decided to ring the guy he had just met on his plane trip, Tyler Durden. They decide to meet in a bar and the […]

The ultimate lead magnet

by Scott Dudley

I discovered an interesting idea the other day for a lead magnet. Well I had noticed it before, but I’d never really paid attention to it. It’s something that Perry Marshall and Russell Brunson use very effectively. So what it is? It’s offering a free physical book and only charging for shipping costs. Now, what’s […]