A bit about me!

Well I guess this journey first started around roughly 2006 when I managed to create my very first website. This website was a bunch of affiliate links and banners for people to click on related to internet marketing, wealth creation and personal development. There was no content, no opt in forms and no interaction what so ever.

Looking back at it, it was probably one of the worst websites on the internet – but hey at least it was a start.

From there I dabbled at actually creating my first digital product with the help of the Internet Marketing Center. This one bombed as well, but along the way I was learning a lot.

Then came a host of network marketing companies and the introduction of the concept of lead generation. I joined about 8 different companies and actually did reasonably well at one of the top tier direct sales companies.

But one thing that I really hated about this type of business was that I was pitching and promoting other peoples products, and in a lot of cases the companies would go bust or lose momentum and go downhill.

Eventually I came to the conclusion that I had to start doing my own thing and bringing value to the world.

I knew I already had a talent for writing and I enjoyed it immensely, so I made the decision to focus on direct response copywriting. On top of the copywriting, I also wanted to learn as much as possible about conversions and sales funnels online.

I was totally obsessed in this stuff, and I knew that if I could master these areas I would be able to make a lot of money.

So I took massive action.

I completed the AWAI copywriting course and read literally hundreds of books on these subjects.

I then made the smart decision to laser in and focus on providing email copywriting services for a variety of industries. Learning from email marketing legends such as Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon and Daniel Levis.

I still do the odd sales letter here and there, but my focus is now solely on email.

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Scott Dudley