Gaining customer insight using keyword research

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Keyword research is no longer the magic bullet it once was in online marketing. New technologies like voice search, very long-tail keywords, RankBrain, and others, all contributed to the diminished role that keyword research now plays in SEO. However, with a little bit of work, you can use keyword research to gain some insight into your customers.


The first thing that keyword research will help with is in figuring out your target audience. Do you know your customer? Some organizations go as far creating a persona’s for their customer, but miss out on potential variations to that customer. How do you find out? Careful analysis of search phrases can yield interesting information. For example, students use different search terms than a businessperson would when looking for the same item.


Now that you know your customer find out what interests them. The key to getting your target customer to your site is to serve their interests. Most people, even those looking for the same product will have different interests. Look through the keyword lists and use similar keywords to build blog posts that satisfy the needs of as many of your potential customers as possible.


Lastly, look outside of your expectations when it comes to your customer. Just because you refer to your product in one way, does not mean a customer will not use another. Look for variations of how all references to your product and category and use those variations in your content.