Instagram Now Offering Verification Badges

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Instagram (IG) has become one of the most popular social media platforms. With billions of active users every month, many influencers and brands have started to take this platform more seriously. Similar to Twitter and Facebook, IG has a unique way to identify accounts that they recognize as official and important. They do this by adding a blue checkmark, known as a verification badge, next to the name of an account.

In the past, nobody really knew how to get one of these blue checkmarks. It seemed as though only famous people and brands were receiving this official acknowledgement. There were some people who claimed to be able to get accounts verified through backdoor methods sometimes charging upwards of $2,000. Most users simply gave up the dream of having a verified account as a normal user. However, hope has since been restored now that the platform has released a new verification process.

The only way to get verified in the past was to either be famous or extremely lucky. Now that this new verification process has been released in the new update, anyone has the chance to become verified. To find this option, users must start from the homepage of their accounts. From here, click on the settings menu and scroll down. The option “Request Verification” will appear under the “Account” menu.

After clicking this button, there will be some requirements such as documents, proof of identification and more. Once all of these requirements have been submitted, users should hear back from IG within a few weeks. There are still some requirements to become verified, although the new update now allows every user to give it a try.

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