The Illusion Of Using Software to Add Twitter Followers

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It is very common for online marketers to make the mistake of putting quantity above quality in their work, and using software to add twitter followers is a classic example of this. 

Other examples of putting quantity about quality include writing lots of blog posts that are low quality, making lots of videos that are low quality or adding as many Facebook friends as possible without going thinking twice cheap jerseys about who are you adding. 

Well, I used to be one Lieve of these people. At one stage I had over 100,000 Twitter followers spread over 6 different accounts, and I was using these accounts mainly to spam people get them to buy my stuff. I didn't really think of it as spam at the time, but looking back on it now it was exactly that. 

The trick was to use software to follow people that were also following famous people related to my niche, and hope that they would follow me back. A lot of people use automation to automatically follow people back, and I managed to rack up huge numbers of followers. In my prime I was adding up to 2,000 new followers a week spread over multiple accounts. 

I was managing to find a small percentage of these who showed interest in what I was offering but very few ended up getting out their wallets and buying anything. I am sure that I turned a lot of people off cheap jerseys by using these spam tactics, but as I didn't bother to read the direct messages I was not really aware of anybody getting upset with it. 

I was carefully sticking to the self imposed maximum number of people I was following each day and things were chugging along nicely. But after a while I started to realise that for all of my time and effort this strategy was basically pulling in no money and was not worth the effort. My computer was pushed to its limits and wholesale jerseys my data usage was quite high because of this Twitter adding software. 

And then it happened. Twitter must have finally caught on to what I was up to and promptly suspended all 6 of my accounts, and I was shut down in a flash. One of the 6 accounts somehow managed to become unsuspended even thought I didn't contest the suspensions as I knew that I had broken the rules big time and had no excuse. 

I came to the realisation that using software to add twitter followers was a complete waste of time as it had not got me any closer to the desired end result of making a consistent income online. I also realised that I was so obsessed with quantity that basically my entire list of followers were poor quality and they had no interest in reading my tweets whatsoever.

If Twitter is used in right fashion it can really help to build your brand and exposure and you will naturally attract people to want to follow you and read what you are up to. However, if it is used to merely pitch your products to as many people as possible then people will not want to know you and unfollow you.

It is important to realise that you must earn a big Twitter following by producing high quality content and by helping to solve people's problems. If you can acheive this then people will start following you and recommending you to others as someone that is worth following.

So, in closing I encourage you to listen to this advice and not make the same mistakes that I made. Don't waste your world! time or money on using software to add Twitter followers and concentrate on being a person of value that people are genuinely attracted to and want to follow.  

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