7 Ways To Effectively Deal With Overwhelm In Your Online Marketing Activities

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One of the most common problems for internet marketers is having to deal with overwhelm.

Between email, social media and banner advertising it is near impossible to not be distracted by the constant interruptions that are competing for our attention. One thing leads to another, and then to another and so on.

Before you know it an hour has gone by and you have not achieved any of the things that you set out to do. Spending all night on Facebook and chatting with your mates is not going to do much to improve your online business.

Here are my best tips to effectively deal with overwhelm.

1. In my opinion the most important thing to keep in mind is to only in focus on one or two cheap NBA jerseys marketing strategies at a time. Because there are a lot of different marketing strategies to choose from, most newbies jump from one thing to the next and end up dabbling in almost everything. All this does is just dilute your focus and make you average at a variety of things – or a jack of all trades, master of none.

When choosing what is best to concentrate on, try to pick activities that you would consider as either your strengths, or something that you would enjoy doing. There is no point starting with strategies that are obviously weak at, because it is just going to make it harder than it needs to be. And if you are going to commit to a certain strategy than you don’t want to be doing something that bores you, or is hard to get motivated for.

What ever you do eventually choose, give it at least 60 – 90 days before you give up on it. Results take time to manifest and far too many people give up Vegan doing something after two weeks because it has not worked yet. Just like going to gym, it is a process that takes time to generate visible results. Be persistent and patient and give it 100%.

2. Unsubscribe to most of the mailing lists that you are on. All of those landing pages that you have put your contact details into in the past eventually build up, and you can easily have more than ten emails each day from people trying to sell you their stuff. Some mailing lists are cheap jerseys better than others and admittedly not everyone is spamming you, but even so do you really need to be on everyones list?

All this does is clog up your mailbox with junk and waste your time. I recommend unsubscribing to at least 90% of these mailing lists, or if you like to keep an eye out for what other people are doing then Illusion use a different email address just for your mailing lists. Keep things as simple as possible and keep your primary email mailbox organised.

3. Write a list each night of your five highest priority tasks (doesn’t have to five, could be one or two) and make sure you complete these first the following day. Income producing activities should dominate this list ideally as these are the tasks that pay the bills. Cleaning your desk, filing your papers, checking your emails, paying your bills or going shopping are not income producing activities, and should only be considered once you have completed the tasks on your action list.

I know that this is a fairly commonly used recommendation for productivity, but it should not be underestimated. As Steven Covey says “put first things first”. Plan out your day the night before and get straight to work to eliminate the items on the list. Even if you just put one income producing activity on your list, that is better than nothing. As long as you complete it the next day you have achieved your daily goal. As they say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4. Limit your time wasted on Typewriter social media platforms. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and all the other popular social media sites many people are losing many hours with idle chat and answering direct messages. I know that some marketers like to meet targeted people on social networking sites to build business relationships with, but how many of these connections actually end up going anywhere?

And there are the mindless games like Mafia Wars that some people get addicted to. How are these games going to make you wholesale jerseys any money, or build your cheap NFL jerseys online presence? They simply can’t and just fritter away hours that could have been better spent. I think the solution with social media is to ignore most of your direct messages or friend requests unless they are wholesale jerseys either from people that you know, or from people that are genuinely asking for your help.

5. Another real time waster is being stuck in learning mode. Some people are happy to spend weeks, months or years only learning about what to do, but don’t end up taking any action. Don’t get me wrong it is great to improve your skills and knowledge, but knowledge is only power if it is applied to something.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and look silly as everyone starts off like that. It is only by failing and making mistakes that you learn what does work and also what doesn’t work. Get out and take action and stop worrying about what other people think about you.

6. Don’t waste hours trying to work out technical web design problems if you are not tech minded. This is another very common problem for new marketers, as most of them have no idea about html or web design. You could easily get bogged down for many weeks or months if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you are not a web design guru but still want a professional looking website then all you need to do is pay someone to do it for you. Or, if you really must do it yourself then find a tutorial or short course that teaches you the basics over a few hours. Whatever you choose though, don’t get bogged down with this.

7. Always try to finish what you have started. Personally, this has always been one of my biggest problems.

Wether you start reading a book, write a blog post, start a video marketing campaign, or start a new marketing course you gain very little out of it unless you complete it. Sometimes you will decide that what you are doing is a waste of time or it might be something that you are not enjoying and you decide to forget about it. But the point is don’t make a habit of always doing this.

Make notes about other ideas as they come into your head, and start actioning these ideas after you have completed your current tasks. Jumping around from one idea to the next on a consistent basis just scrambles your mind and is not productive, and you just end up going around in circles. If you can manage to implement most (if not all) of these helpful hints, then you should be able to effectively deal with overwhelm and start seeing your daily productivity soar to new heights.

Learn how to deal with overwhelm – instead of just complaining about it.

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