What to do when asking your customer to rate your app

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locostmarketingMarketing apps is an expensive and time-consuming affair. One of the most effective ways of getting people to install an app is to have lots of positive ratings. We do not know how iTunes and Google Play rank apps in search results, but it would not be surprising if the number of ratings and the overall rating played a part. This has resulted in a very annoying habit. Apps keep popping up requests for the user to rate the app. Here are some actions that you should take when asking users for app reviews:

Segmentation – Segment your users and target the app review popup only to users who are active and loyal. This will result in a lot more reviews. In addition, the chances of those reviews being extremely positive are also higher.

Personalize – According to research online, personalization of the message can result in a 27% higher chance of a review.

Channels – Use all the channels that you have available. Use the app, email and any other channels that you have access to the same user. Try one channel at a time to keep the messaging constant.

Conversation – Start a conversation with the user about the app, asking what could be improved, what they like about it, etc. Then prompt them for a review. This is five to ten times more effective than just asking for a review.

Characters – Limit the number of characters in your message when using push notifications. Messages over 100 characters lead to weaker results.