How To Find Your Your Target Market, And Understand Them As Well

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How do you find your target market ?

Most amateur marketers don’t worry about finding their target market, let alone understand what makes this group of people tick.

You will find that most newbies online are basically trying to market to everybody, and because of this they struggle to attract anybody to take any notice of them.

All of the successful online marketers focus on a special group of people, and go out of their way to address the needs and wants of these people.

I went through this in an earlier post, but here are the seven questions that you MUST ask yourself right from the start to find your target market:

  1. What age are they, and where do they live?
  2. What do they do for a living?
  3. What is their disposable income?
  4. What irritates them the most about their life right now?
  5. What excites them the most?
  6. What terrifies them the most?
  7. What are their hobbies and interests?

To find your target market you need to have have answered these questions in thorough detail, and should have defined a specific group of people.

These are the people that you should have in mind when creating your marketing campaigns and sales funnel. It is important that your marketing appeals to your target market, rather than just yourself.

You may have created what you think is the best marketing campaign ever, but if no one buys from you then you have failed. For most people it is very difficult to see things the way that their target market do. Most people have their own perspective on life and create marketing campaigns based on their own paradigm’s.

Unless you can understand the way that you target market thinks, you are going to have a lot of trouble convincing them that they should buy from you.

Here are some tips to get inside the head of your prospects, and see the world the way that they see it.

1.  Go to places that your target market hang out on and socialize. 

Now this can either be online or offline, the point is to socialize with the types of people that are your potential customers.

Online places would be things such as special forums, social media groups, special blogs etc.

Offline places would be seminars, dinners, events, social groups, or possibly sporting matches etc.

2. Use visualisation methods to see yourself as one your customers in your minds eye.

Admittedly this is not easy to do, but with practice you can get better at it. Visualisation is a very powerful tool and has been used by many people to create an actual reality from nothing.

The only way to get good at visualisation is to practice regularly and to concentrate as much as possible. If your target market is dentists, then you need to visualise yourself as a dentist, doing what a dentist does and thinking like a dentist.

3. Read publications each month for this particular industry 

This is a great way to see what other people are advertising to your target market. What catches your eye in these advertisements? Which advertisements keep appearing in these publications?

The ads that are shown each month are obviously profitable because the advertisers keep buying the space.

4. Subscribe to email lists that are related to your industry.

This is a great way to keep in touch with what is currently happening in the industry and to be able to communicate with other people are part of this target market.

5. Mastermind with influential leaders in your industry. 

This is possibly the best of them all. If you can mastermind with the leaders of your industry you will be intimately getting to know the types of people that are going to be your biggest and best customers.

Without clearly being able to define and find your target market, and then understand how these people think, you stand little chance of making an impact with your business. In short you really need to BECOME one of them.

If you are able to think just like your customers though, and provide them solutions to their problems then there is an excellent chance that you will be able to prosper and create a profitable business.

This two step system is so simple, yet amazingly effective.