How To Find Relevant Blogs To Comment On To Receive High Quality Back Links

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Since the Google Panda updates started in February 2011, it has become even more important to build up a portfolio of high quality back links to your site.

Quality has now become far more important than quality, and relevance plays a large factor as well. The old fashioned black hat methods are not worth bothering with anymore, as Google’s algorithm has become extremely advanced and will most likely catch you in the act.

One way to build back links that Google will not penalise you for is blog commenting, providing the comments are constructive and not just spam. But you don’t want to just choose any blog, it must be high quality and be relevant to your site.

Getting loads of back links from average to low quality sites is not going to improve your rankings at all, and if anything only push you further down the rankings. But the problem is that getting high quality back links from authority sites can be very time consuming and frustrating, particularly if you don’t know how to find these sites.

The solution to easily building high quality back links

The solution to this problem is to use a search engine that is specifically designed to find high quality blogs by typing in keywords related to your site. The perfect solution is found on the following webpage:

All you need to do is type in your keywords (phrases closely related to your site), make a selection from the drop down arrow, and then click on the “Search” button. This will provide a Google search that does the work for you. The drop down menu allows you to choose from the following selections.

  • .edu blogs
  • .gov blogs
  • Anchor text in comment blogs
  • Angela’s backlinks
  • CommentLuv Premium blogs
  • DoFollow comment blogs
  • Expression engine forums
  • Hubpages – Hot Hubs
  • KeywordLuv blogs
  • LiveFyre blogs
  • Squidoo lenses

These options above will enable you to easily find the very best quality sites to place back links on.

Popular blog posts on popular blogs receive a lot of traffic and many people will scroll down to read the comments. You will find that some people will click on your link to find out more about you. So, as well as creating back links, you will also get some direct traffic from these links.

And you can also subscribe to the RSS feeds of these sites (or create Google alerts) to receive notifications when a brand new blog post is published on these blogs. The idea here is to make a comment as soon as possible to become one of the first to comment – or ideally become the first to comment.

The reason for this is that most people only read the first few comments, and if there are a lot of comments most people will not bother to scroll down to read all of them. And also, back links are more highly regarded by Google the higher up they are on the web page.

This strategy above is the best possible way to get maximum return from your time and effort, if you are trying to get back links by commenting on other blogs.