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ATTENTION: Parents who are concerned about their children getting in financial difficulty later in life

Revealed: A Proven System To Motivate Your Kids To Learn How To Manage Money

Revolutionary new membership site makes it dead easy for parents to get their kids excited about financial education.

Let me explain…

It is clear that a child who grows up with a strong understanding of managing money has a much greater chance of being financially secure when they get older.

This is obvious!

You couldn’t possibly expect a person that has never learnt anything about financial education to be able to manage their money properly.

They don’t know any better.

Unfortunately kids are not taught about money management and financial education in the classroom.

The lack of financial education at school is a subject that could be debated for hours, but the point is that if your children are not going to learn it at school, then they must learn it at home.

The Problem For Parents

The problem that this creates is that it is up to YOU (the parent) to teach your kids about crucial topics such as:

  1. credits
  2. debits
  3. credit cards
  4. debt
  5. compound interest
  6. income
  7. expenses
  8. tax
  9. mortgages
  10. insurance
  11. buying a home

Most parents struggle to teach their kids about these topics for a variety of reasons such as:

  1. you are too busy
  2. you are too tired
  3. you keep putting it off till tomorrow
  4. you don’t know the answers yourself (be honest)
  5. your child gets bored with financial education
  6. your child has no motivation to learn about financial education

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

I’m betting that some of them do… Possibly all of them.

But don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Because most parents experience exactly the same problems that you do.

You’re not on your own.

But with that being said, it doesn’t mean that you should give up and ignore it. If you do nothing there are likely to be serious consequences for your child later in life.

Some Facts To Consider About Your Child & The Need For Financial Education

According to the National Financial Educators Council:

  1. Only 59.4% of the young adults in Generation Y pay their bills on time every month. (2008 Financial Literacy Survey National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc. and MSN Money)
  1. 9.5% of Americans with mortgages reported being late or missing a mortgage payment in the last year, and 7.6% of adults are either getting calls from debt collectors or considering filing for bankruptcy. (2008 Financial Literacy Survey National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc. and MSN Money)
  1. 49.7% of those who closely monitor their financial situation have learned about personal finance from their parents, or at home. (2008 Financial Literacy Survey National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc. and MSN Money)

These statistics are really scary for the future of our children. I think you get the picture.

If you do NOTHING to teach your kids how to manage their money there is a good chance they will also become one of these statistics.

So what is the solution? Is there a solution?

What can you do to help your child prosper against the odds? I’m pleased to reassure you that there is something that you can do to get your child on the right path.

And trust me…

Once they give it a try you will never have to make an effort to motivate them to master this stuff again. Would you like to see your children excited about financial education?

Would you like them to be able to learn in a family type atmosphere in the comfort of your own home?

You would.


Introducing Budget Brainiacs –

The smart solution to teaching your children about financial education

Budget Brainiacs was created in 2008 by mom, Bea Smith, who has a masters degree in Business Administration. Smith was concerned about the lack of options for parents to educate their children about managing money, and decided to do something about it.

Smith recognised that if she was to create a system to educate children about financial literacy, she needed to get the kids onside by making it fun. Without the fun element, she knew kids would be turned off because the last thing they want is more boring lectures and study.

But, it is not just for kids.

Parents are not only encouraged to participate with their children, but to also take advantage of more advanced training about wealth building themselves. There is literally something for everybody, no matter what age you are.

The Budget Brainiacs system is sold as an online web-based family club that includes a really cool membership program. The kids learn AND have fun at the same time, making them far more motivated and excited to use the membership.

You are granted immediate access upon being a member and can start playing within five minutes.

Cool Prizes on Offer

But by the far the best thing about Budget Brainiacs is the prizes that are available for those that demonstrate they understand the material.

All kids love prizes, and the cooler the prizes are, the more effort they are going to put in to win them. You will find that most kids will be stimulated to learn the material so that they can win the prizes.                                                                                                              

The secret is that it’s fun and rewarding while also teaching valuable skills!                                

This is the kicker!

You will no longer need to push your children to learn about managing money and budgeting. No more arguing, or trying to convince them of the future consequences of not learning financial education.

You will have turned the tables because they will be BEGGING you to let them log onto the site.

And you have the choice of either joining in with them, or letting them play by themselves if you are busy.

Do you see how beneficial this will be to BOTH you and your child?

But can you get the same sort of thing for free elsewhere on the internet?

The answer is no you can’t.

Finding any useful information about financial education on the internet is hard work, but the material that you do manage to find will in most cases be boring and dull for your kids to digest.

But even if you could find a website that made it moderately interesting for kids, NONE of them have an interactive membership that offers cool prizes that kids love.

What about some proof that it works?

Budget Brainiacs has been endorsed by child authorities, financial planners, banks, credit companies and insurance companies.

Here is a review from the CEO of GE Capital.        

“Budget Brainiacs is a one of a kind revolutionary educational program that the whole family can participate in. Not only will you learn a bunch of really useful stuff about your finances – but you will also have a ton of fun as well. GE are proud to endorse and recommend Budget Brainiacs as the most addictive financial education site on the internet.

– John Roberts, CEO GE Capital

We have had many success stories recently and these product reviews will give you an insight into what our customers have to say about Budget Brainiacs.                                        

“We needed something for older kids (tweens), which was very hard to find. Then we came across Budget Brainiacs and all I can say is HOORAY! Each of us enrolled in the Club and our kids love earning points for stuff they really want… while also learning how to budget for things and avoid debt. Thank you!!!!”                                                                 

— J. Sanders                                                            

“I homeschool my children and I’m always looking for ways to bring real-life lessons into my teaching. Your program is fantastic. They love the games and they especially love earning points when they pass the quizzes. It’s such a relief to know my children will be well-prepared for managing their money when they embark on their own lives as adults.”                                               

— T. Bazell                                            

“I’m a professional mommy blogger who gets about 30,000 hits on my website each month. Based on the comments on my blog posts about Budget Brainiacs, you have a home run! Their kids are buzzing about the points they can earn for cool prizes… but also they talk about how dumb it is to rack up debt and how you should plan ahead for big expenses. These comments are coming from 13-year-olds!”                                                

— H. Walters

And these are just some of the success stories from Budget Brainiacs.

So What Do YOU Get?

Here’s Just a BRIEF summary of our courses…                                                      

  1. Junior: an introduction to the basic fundamentals of money management. Your kids will start learning about the importance of saving money and making it grow over time with compound interest.                                                                      
  1. Teen: We build on the money management basics included in the Junior section. Your child will be taught about budgeting, credits, debits and balancing a cheque book.                                                                                                         
  2. College: We take it to the next level in this section by focusing on crucial advice about entering the workforce, as well as the deadly dangers of credit cards.
  1. Young Adults: This section covers the vitally important topics such as insurance, buying a home, and paying off your mortgage faster.
  1. Adults: For the adults we provide detailed information on powerful wealth building topics such as tax advice, investing, and maximising your income.

Plus a special bonus for a limited time:

  1. A special introductory 100 point bonus gift voucher which can be used to redeem prizes for members.

Now is your chance to help your kids avoid bad debt and bankruptcy when they get older        

By now it should be clear that by doing nothing about your child’s financial education you are giving them a severe disadvantage for later life.

Without this knowledge the statistics prove that a large percentage of children will max out their credit cards quickly and get into financial difficulty at an early age.

Unfortunately the temptation is too great for them, and they will most probably spend like there is no tomorrow if they are given credit cards.

You know that this is true.

You were young once as well remember!

And you also know that the only way to get them motivated about managing money is to introduce them to a fun alternative, which offers them prizes and rewards for showing that they understand the material.

Traditional style study and lectures are not going to work, period!

Here’s the big idea.

Can you imagine how much easier it is going to be from your point of view to get your kids on side and actually wanting to learn?

I can almost guarantee you simply based on our research and the customer feedback that we have got from our members, that you would struggle to get these results by trying to teach your children financial education yourself.

We have done all the hard work and research for you.

All you have to do is give it a try.

Why It’s Just $29 a Month

We are only charging $29 a month per family for this membership for 3 reasons.

  1. $29 a month puts the membership within reach of the average parent. It’s quite affordable at less than $1 a day – the cost of a packet of cheap gum
  1. We decided that any parent who is serious about the future of their children would invest a dollar a day into ensuring that their kids know how to manage their money properly.
  1. Any parent who is not serious enough to invest a dollar a day into their child’s future wouldn’t be dedicated enough to assist their child with learning the material anyway.

Our “Double” Satisfaction Guarantee

Guarantee #1: If for any reason you decide that you’re not happy with Budget Brainiacs during your first 30 days as a member just send an email to our support desk and we’ll promptly refund your $29 and cancel your membership. After 30 days you may cancel your membership at any time in the future if you wish.

Guarantee #2: If your child actually completes any one of the courses in the program and is not excited to keep learning more, then we will actually refund TWICE your money. All we ask is that your child puts in an honest effort, and you must be able to provide some examples of what your child has done with the system.

Is that fair or what?

But We Will Only Sell 1,000 Memberships at This Price

Now Time is Very Much “Of the Essence”… we can’t stress the time-sensitiveness of this offer enough.

Not only will the 1,000 Charter Memberships go quickly but you will have to pay more than $29 after they are sold out (as the discounts will expire).

Remember you only have to buy one membership per family, and you can sign up to 4 people per membership.

Simply click on the “Add To Cart” button below to join now to get instant access for your whole family to Budget Brainiacs for just $29...

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Charter Pricing:

Current Price:

First 1000 Memberships…

$29 per month* Limited Time Only


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2001 and Over…

$49 per month

Price Today: $49.00 $39.00 $29.00

Today Only $29 per month

WARNING: Your Child Will Make Costly Mistakes Without This Knowledge

After reading this far, you should have realised by now that by doing nothing your children are destined to learn the hard way; just like you probably had to when you were growing up.

And you also should have realised that this membership is unique, and nothing of its type is offered anywhere else. Budget Brainiacs is the ONLY solution that combines both powerful financial education with a fun environment that offers


You will never have to push your children to learn about money management again. They will be eager to get stuck into it and win more prizes.

Just imagine what your kids will be missing out on if you decide against giving it a try. In years to come you will most likely regret the decision you have made.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Click here to get started in the next 3 minutes

P.S. Remember there is more real, valuable information in this membership than your child will get reading 20 books. The courses inside the membership have been proven to work for other children just like yours, and it’s 100% guaranteed so you can’t possibly lose money.

It really is a no brainer.