7 Top Questions To Ask Yourself To Help Choose Your Avatar

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If I had to offer one invaluable piece of advice to you about marketing online it would be to choose your avatar properly.

Choosing your avatar is all about defining your perfect prospect in specific detail, and then targeting your marketing campaigns to ideally suit these people. There is an old saying that "if you are marketing to everybody, then you are marketing to nobody. 

If you are selling highly priced premium products then it makes little sense to market to people that have little or no money to buy these products. The same as if you are selling baseball bats then you don't want to be marketing to golfers. 

So the whole point is to work out who are you selling to, and to then write advertisements that will solve problems for these people. 

Here are the 7 top questions to ask yourself to help choose your avatar when marketing online: 

  1. What age are they, and where do they live?
  2. What do they do for a living?
  3. What is their disposable income?
  4. What irritates them the most about their life right now?
  5. What excites them the most?
  6. What terrifies them the most?
  7. What are their hobbies and interests?

To choose your avatar properly you need to take time to sit down and answer these questions in as much detail as possible. 

Once you have your answers you should now have a clear picture in your mind of the person that you are targeting, and also a clear idea of the types of marketing and advertising that you need to do to attract these people. 

Lack of congruency in marketing is one the most common reasons why some marketers find it so difficult to become profitable. Congruency and relevancy are absolutely VITAL in all stages of your sales funnel – from the initial text ad or banner through to the landing page, through to the thank you page, through to the sales page and then through to the follow up email messages in your auto responder. 

So now that you have been able to define and choose your avatar, you can start setting up relevant and congruent sales funnels to solve these peoples problems. Focus on the pain, and how you can ease the pain of this group of people that you have just defined. 

Most people already know this but it is important to focus on the benefits of your product, not the features. Features can be useful to mention in some cases, but it is in the problem solving area that you will start making sales. 

I highly recommend going to the effort to choose your avatar, because it will enable you to laser focus on the people that are most likely to be interested in your brand. 

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