2 List Building Secrets That You Probably Have Not Heard Of

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You should know by now that for an internet marketer their money is made from their list, but in this article I intend on showing you two list building secrets that most people have probably never heard of. 

The first list building secret is extremely basic, but superbly effective. It involves approaching targeted people in your niche that are on the first page of Google, and asking them if they would be interested in sending out an email to their list on your behalf, in return for payment. 

You could call this a solo ad, but the main difference being that you are not looking for people that are advertising that they sell solo ads. A lot of the people advertising that they do solo ads are bombarded with offers and therefore that severely dilutes your chances of getting conversions.

You ideally want to find someone who has a large or massive list closely related to your niche who has not even heard of a solo ad, or is not currently sending out solo ads for anyone else.

If you can find this person then your chances of success are very high provided that you write an email that motivates people to click on the link, and then provide them with a offer too good to resist on the landing page. 

Here is the basic step by step plan for this strategy.

1. Start doing some keyword research on Google that is relevant to your niche.

2. Look at the websites on the first page and write down the ones that display an opt-in box above the fold on the home page.

3. Look for a "Contact Us" section and contact the site owner asking if they would be interested in getting paid for sending out a solo ad for you. 

4. Write your solo ad as if you were the person sending out the email and make it as short and compelling as possible with a powerful subject heading. 

5. Send the email copy to the site owner, organise a date for the mail out and then pay them. 

So in summary you are finding a person that has a large list of people that you would like to have on your own list, and you are paying them to send out an email that you have written to convert a large percentage of these people onto your list. 

A few words of advice though.

Don't just accept the first person that you come across, it is important to find the right person that will be a pleasure to do business with and is willing to share their subscribers with you. Not all people that you contact will welcome this strategy with open arms. 

Once you have found a few people that may be suitable it is a great idea to opt into their lists to see how they treat their subscribers. This way you will get a feel for how this persons subscribers may respond to your offer. 

And I suggest that you don't send out an email asking people to join your business opportunity until they have already become a subscriber. You should lead with some sort of training or something is going to enhance their lives. 

Your desired outcome may be to introduce them to your business opportunity, but that should come later after you have built up the credibility and trust of the subscriber. 

You may get subscribers by offering them your business opportunity with your very first email to them, but the chances are that they are not going to buy anything from you until they feel that they know, like and trust you. 

The second list building secret is an awesome plugin for WordPress called MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet which has been designed to help you build your list three times faster and easier than doing it the normal way. 

With this plugin you will be able to you easily add your opt-in form anywhere in your WordPress blog, including the sidebars,  the footer, below the post itself and also in the comments section. You can set up a pop in opt-in form and have full control over how many times it pops in and how long before it becomes visible. 

There is also a silent subscription feature which adds people automatically who make comments on your blog (although I would use this with caution as it may annoy people and stop them visiting your blog again). 

MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet is well worth checking out if you are serious about building a massive list with little extra effort. 

These are my best two list building secrets that are different to what you will normally read from everybody else and they are both extremely simple and extremely effective.

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