Four barriers to getting more links

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Article written by  : Quick 2 SEO

Content issues, poor quality writing and unattractive site design are typical reasons for not getting links. However, if none of these are problems and you still have trouble getting links, then the cause could be one of the following:


Intrusive interstitials are one common problem. Sites load a holding page with ads or quotes for a period of time before letting you proceed
to the actual destination. This is annoying for users and Google has responded by imposing penalties on mobile sites that use interstitials.

Gated content

Another cause for users not linking to your content is when they come across gated content. It is understandable to gate either proprietary or live content. However the problem is when normal content sites behind some kind of hurdle. One good example of gated content is asking for an email address before providing access to downloadable content.


A recent pattern has emerged where sites excessively paginate a single article. Normally this would be one long article, but instead, it’s broken down into four or more pages. Nobody wants to go through multiple clicks to get to the end of an article. Not only will the bounce rate increase, but there will also be no sharing of the content.


Design for the sake of it is another issue. Too many sites compromise functionality and navigation in the name of cutting edge design. Unless the site is actually selling design or related services, the focus needs to be on usability and content.