7 types of spoons

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Written by Gelato Products

There are a variety of spoons available in the market. Different shaped spoons are designed specially to eat different kinds of food with ease.

Tablespoon – Tablespoons are used to eat main dishes like soups, rice, and vegetables. The cup of this spoons is designed to hold a spoonful of the main

Fruit Spoon – Fruit spoons are part of a set which includes fruit knives, fruit folks, and fruit dishes. They are small and designed to assist in eating fruit whole or cut.

Moka spoon – A Moka spoon is designed to stir espresso or other coffees made using a coffee machine.

Tea or coffee spoon – Tea or coffee spoons are larger than a teaspoon and designed for stirring tea, American-style or European-style coffees.

Cappuccino Spoon – Cappuccino spoons are small sized spoons, designed for use at breakfast time. They are also used to eat frozen yogurt products and for feeding toddlers.

Ice cream spoons – Ice cream spoons have a wide cup and are typically square. Their shape helps to pick up just the right amount of ice cream. They also come as plastic yogurt spoons and as longer versions for taller ice cream dishes.

Long drink Spoon – Long drink spoons have a long handle and a small cup. They are designed to stir long drinks in tall glasses.


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