Local SEO tips for Restaurants

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Every business category has its challenges when it comes to optimizing for search engines. Restaurants can use general SEO techniques, but some techniques are particularly well-suited for the industry.

Google My Business

A basic requirement for any business should include a Google My Business page. Unfortunately, most businesses set up the page and only revisit the content when they want to change the basic information. However, some recent additions are exclusive the restaurant industry that every restaurant should use. Restaurants can add posts to the listing with up to 300 words and link to the following: Reserve, learn more, sign up, buy, and get offers.

Quick Links

A recent feature roll-out to Google My Pages allows businesses to add direct deep site links to their page. Every business can add these links. However, restaurants have several additional links they can add to the page: reservations, menu, and order-ahead. Every restaurant should use this free real-estate.


Google now shows restaurant menus directly in search results. While this might not drive traffic to the website, it might drive traffic directly to your restaurant. Unfortunately, Google pulls this data from third-party websites. Find out what sites Google uses to extract this data and then a) add your menu or b) update your menu.

The above tips are just a few of the many ways that restaurants can use SEO and Google My Pages to drive more traffic to the website and go through the doors.