Things you can do to upgrade your inbound and outbound marketing

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Article Written by : Web Geek SEO

What drives the best results for modern marketing? It is a combination of inbound and outbound marketing. The issues occur when an organization runs the two styles of marketing campaigns against each other. Rather than focus on which of the two is better, place emphasis on how one can improve the performance of the other by working together. Do not calculate ROI separately; instead, measure the outcome on the intended purpose. Here are some methods of mixing the two for better results:

Content syndication

Inbound marketing uses high-quality educational content marketed through social and other channels. Content syndication is an outbound marketing technique that can help get additional leads for an inbound campaign. Content syndication is placing links to content on third-party sites like blogs. Traffic from these blogs can drive a significant amount of quality leads to the same campaign. It is a better use of the marketing budget.


Pay per click ads is another method of driving quality traffic to the inbound landing pages. The copy on the ads and the landing pages have to be optimized to make the most of the level of targeting PPC provides.

Email marketing

Automate your email marketing to send the customer the right offer at the right time. Like the above, the email campaign needs to use the right copy mixed with the right offers. Some of this timing can be based relative to the time of purchase. For example, you can send a reminder a month after someone buys a months supply of a product.