Internet marketing basics

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locostmarketingNot everyone needs to run expensive social media and search engine marketing campaigns to get exposure online. Just doing the basics will act as a foundation for any more focused marketing you do later. Here are the absolute basics to get started:

Proper website

Most marketing efforts online will take visitors to one place: your website. Even the best marketing efforts will be for nothing if they arrive at your website and are either confused or put off. Make sure the website is designed well, takes usability into account and is responsive. The way to get this right is to test thoroughly with other people.


While building backlinks etc are important, the first place you should get started with is on your website. Revise your site structure, keywords, descriptions and other on site content and make the most of what you have control over.

Email marketing

Building an email list and conducting an email marketing campaign are great ways to get to your customers easily and directly. Building a list can take time, however once you do, stay consistent with your mailings or stick to the schedule that was indicated when the user signed up.

Social media

At the very least get a presence on the most appropriate social media networks for your company. Build profiles and even if you don’t post content often, make sure all details such as about, prices, contact details etc are always up to date. Often when someone wants to find you, the first place they will check is their social network of choice.