Four tools for an efficient web design business

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The hallmark of a good toolset is one that is simple and makes the processes that it supports as efficient as possible. These requirements also apply to tools used by web design teams. In addition, as the members of these teams are spread across the globe, they will also need to be completely cloud based. Here are some tools that can take a web design business to the next level:

Internal Communication

The one and only recommendation here is to use Slack: the business-focused messaging app. It is an offshoot of IRC and is currently the number of internal communication tool used by startups and medium sized teams. Its primary draw is the integration it has with other services such as Trello, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Project Management

Of the many hundreds of project management tools available online, Trello is one of the best and easily the simplest. It is perfect for a small company or team. The Kanban style board gives you a very quick visual representation of where all projects are currently and the status.

Documenting Processes

Documenting existing processes is largely overlooked, especially in smaller organizations. However, doing so has many benefits, including training new employees and refreshing skills for existing ones. It reduces errors and maintains standards.

Website building

There are tons of page builders and website builders out there, but the one that is focused mostly on freelancers is Offsprout. It is a single platform to create manage a set of sites for customers.