Affiliate program strategies for online sales

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One of the fastest ways to grow sales is to partner with others. This can range from running an affiliate program to selling products on the Amazon marketplace. Here are a few ways of increasing the reach of your products with affiliate programs:

Affiliate program

This strategy can go both ways. You can sell products from other merchants, users etc. on your website for a percentage of the revenue. Alternatively, you can have other merchants sell your products for an affiliate fee. Some companies run both together. Both will result in a boost in revenue. This is a good strategy as long as none of the partners have competing products.

The “Thank you” page

Another affiliate strategy is to sponsor the thank you page from another site. The page is only shown to a paying customer so it is a valuable way to get additional sales. The relationship with the site can be an upfront sponsorship or the more common percentage of sales. The thank you page itself will show related products from your site with direct links to the product pages.

Third party search

A slightly more unusual tactic is to find a search engine in the niche and get sponsorship from them to run the search box on your website. The monetization model here is to access a PPC model that provides revenue from each search through that box. It is similar to how Google pays both Apple and Firefox for making Google the default search provider.