My Wikipedia Page was Deleted, How Can I Get it Back?

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Summary: If your Wikipedia page was deleted, you can file a request to get it back for editing.

If you’ve suddenly found that an administrator deleted your Wikipedia page, there is hope for you to get it restored.

Request for Undeletion

If you feel that Wikipedia is in the wrong with deleting your page, you can request for the administrators to undelete your content. There are certain criteria that it must fall under however, such as maintenance deletions, rejected articles, or any proposed deletions.

This does not include violations of Wikipedia’s terms. For instance, requesting undeletion for a page that was littered with plagiarized work will unlikely be restored and returned to you.

Furthermore, this process allows users to request that certain deleted content be edited to fit Wikipedia’s content guidelines – basically like a second chance. The content may be restored as a draft or even emailed to you so you can improve the article and reinsert it into the mainspace.

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Copyright Violations Will Not Be Restored

As mentioned before, the request process covers only certain criteria. Certain articles that fall in line with Wikipedia’s speedy deletion criteria may be returned to your editing. However, any articles that contain copyright violations will not be provided at all and unlikely to be overturned. Be sure to take a look at all the criteria on Wikipedia’s main page.

Note that only deleted files may be requested for editing. Articles that have a visible warning fall into a completely different category and the user does not have to submit a request.