Which is better: Gelato or Frozen Yogurt?

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Written by Gelato Products

Both gelato and frozen yogurt are cold, creamy and refreshing and both products claim that they are a healthier option compared to ice cream. Well here are a few facts that will help you understand which of the two are healthier than the other.

Calories – When comparing a ½ cup serve of each treat, it was found that ½ a cup of chocolate frozen yogurt contained 115 calories and 4 grams of fat, of which 2.6 grams were Gelato, on the other hand, contained 240 calories and 9 grams of fat, of which 4 grams are saturated. However, some gelato products contain no fat making these values dependent on the gelato suppliers and brand.

Sugar in frozen yogurt and gelato – A ½ cup serving of vanilla/ chocolate frozen yogurt has about 17 grams of sugar. While gelato can contain up to 27 grams (7 teaspoons of sugar) of sugar. Therefore gelato contains 2/3 of the daily sugar limit for women.

Calcium in frozen yogurt and gelato – Both these products contain about 100mg of calcium per ½ cup serving. Which is roughly 10% of a person’s daily intake?

Probiotics – Frozen yogurts suppliers often market the probiotics in frozen yogurt as a health benefit. Probiotics are known to aid gut health and improve digestion. Look for the seal that certifies your frozen yogurt has active cultures.

The facts above show that frozen yogurt should be consumed as part of a healthy diet mainly because it is low in sugar and contains probiotics that are good for gut health.


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