Email Segmentation Can Provide a Substantial Boost to Open, Click Through, and Conversion Rates

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By Incorporating email segmentation in your marketing strategy, you’ll be maximizing customers’ interest.

email-segmentation-marketingIn order to improve your email marketing results, specific techniques and tactics should be implemented within your campaign. There are numerous ways to boost you return on investment and one of those ways is email segmentation.

The use of email list division and targeting can maximize the relevancy of your subscribers’ marketing messages. By implementing an email segmentation strategy, you can substantially improve your click through, conversion, and open rates at a dramatic rate.

Segmentation Techniques

Segmentation by way of subscriber engagement is one of the most basic and foundational methods that can have a huge impact on your campaign results. Start by determining who on your list is active – versus inactive. Then, design a reengagement campaign to help redefine your brand and garner interest once again. Also, be sure that you keep an eye on your inactive subscriber numbers – the more there are, the more negative the impact will be on your overall deliverability.

Segmentation through engagement can also help you locate and identify the most active subscribers on your list – essentially your best customers. You can design special offers and promotions for this specific group to help them maintain a high interest in your product or service. Note that this doesn’t have to be a dramatic discount. Offer them a 10% coupon, or a free 2-month subscription to something that normal members would have to pay for. This way, you’ll gain subscriber interest while also promoting your product.

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