Reverse engineer your online ad copy

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Often, advertisers have a standard process. The advertiser develops an advertising concept for the client and then builds a message out of the concept. The ad copy team then creates a set of ads that match the messaging and concept. The client works with the advertiser and back-end team to fill all the gaps to match the ad, including but not limited to landing pages and forms, etc.

What if you could use existing data and site assets to define your online advertising?

The approach is simple. You examine the performance of your site and use that data to reverse-engineer your ads. Here is a basic set of data you need to take away from your highest performing pages regarding conversions:

What is the message on the page?

Why does the page convert?

How do visitors reach the page?

What are the demographics of the people that do reach this page and convert?

What is the difference between this page and other pages with similar traffic that does not convert?

Where is the page in the marketing funnel?

How does this page interact with the other stages of the marketing funnel?

Once you answer these questions for your highest converting pages, you have a series of elements that make a particular page and message deliver conversions. You can then use that message and copy for your ads. This approach is almost guaranteed to bring results if the conversion rates are better than your current ads.