How To Install Multiple WordPress Plugins – The Easy Way

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I wish I had of known how to install multiple wordpress plugins this easily back in the days when I was doing it manually.

Not only was it a nightmare to remember the names of all of the best plugins, it was extremely time consuming and boring to do it one at a time. I would estimate that 95% of people still do it this way, but I am so glad that I found a better way. 

I first experimented with downloading the plugin folders to my hard drive from the server (which can be found at using File Zilla, and then uploading them back into the same directory on the new blog that i was setting up. 

This strategy was better than doing it manually, but it was still time consuming and a bit clumsy. 

I then got a bit smarter and decided to upload all the plugin folders and place them into a zip file. Inside Control Panel I was then able to upload the zip file and then extract the plugin folders into the correct directory. 

But in the back of mind I knew there had to be a better way. 

When you know how it is as simple as installing one plugin, and then copying and pasting a list of either the names of the plugins or the URL's of the plugins. 

The plugin that I use for this is called "Improved Plugin Installation". Once you have installed and activated this plugin you simply go to the WordPress dashboard and click on "Add New Plugin" as normal. 

If the plugin has been installed correctly you will see a new text box appear on the page, and this is where you either type in or paste the names (or URL's) of each plugin line by line. 

Take a look at his video tutorial to see what I mean.install multiple wordpress plugins

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