Get the most out of Google Posts

submit   July 27, 2017   Comments Off on Get the most out of Google Posts

Google releases updates to the Google Local platform regularly. The latest feature to come out of its release schedule is Google Posts, a method for local businesses to directly publish products, events, and services directly to Google Search. It is a big boost for local small businesses. Here are some tips for making the most of sending directly to Google.

Set up some UTM tracking codes and use those as the links for items you publish directly. There is no direct integration with Google Analytics, so all you will get is basic data unless you use your own tracking links.

Take advantage of the direct route Google is providing by publicizing your promotions, sales, and other marketing ventures. There is no advantage to using keywords, or SEO, with these direct posts on the ranking of your other pages.

Do not use images small than 250×250 as it will not be accepted. The optimal size for images is 750×750. Also, formulate the first 100 words carefully as they are the only ones visible in the knowledge panel. Anything over 100 words is cut off.

When you have more than one post, the latest post will show first. Other posts will show in a horizontal carousel format that users can swipe. Use images weighted in the center to prevent white space or an unfortunate crop.

Events will remain live on the panel until it is over, while posts will remain for a maximum seven days. There is also no mechanism in place to submit posts in advance or according to a schedule.