First steps on a new WordPress installation

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WordPress is the most popular and one of the easiest content management systems available today. It also happens to be free. Anyone setting up a new website or a blog can use WordPress and have a new installation ready literally in minutes. Installation takes zero technical knowledge and can be done by anyone. Here are the next few steps to take after the initial installation:

Change the password

The first step is to change the admin password. With hacks growing, security is more than important than ever and the default admin password should be changed. The stronger the password, the better. Avoid using details like birthdays, names etc. Use a password that is a combination of phrases, characters, and numbers.


Before you publish any posts, change the permalinks to reflect the title of the article. The default is a post number as the URL for the article (, which has no SEO benefit. Making the permalink change early ensures that the right link is spidered by Google.

SEO Plugin

The next step is to install an SEO plugin. This forces the addition of description, title, and tags at the point of publishing. Again, like the permalink, it is good to make sure this is done before any caching by Google.


This is only required if the plan is to allow comments. There is a lot of comment spam online and Akismet does a very good job of blocking most of it.