Seven Crucial Tips To Create A Facebook Event To Promote Your Products

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One of the best low cost marketing strategies to generate leads and sales is to simply create a Facebook event and invite people along to a live online webinar.

Providing you are offering something interesting to the right sort of people (ie your target market), webinars can be an extremely effective way to provide solutions for your prospects and existing customers.

I realise that most people already know this, but one thing is often overlooked for promoting webinars is to create a Facebook event to promote them.

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Facebook events are a free, quick and easy way to invite your Facebook friends along to a live webinar. Obviously, the more Facebook friends that you have the more people are likely to attend, but it is still worth trying the strategy even if you do not have many Facebook friends.

If you do have a few Facebook friends, then watch the video below to find out how to easily add all your friends without having to manually select them all. You can always remove people from the list if you would prefer not to send invitations to certain people.

Here are my seven crucial tips to create a Facebook event to promote your products:

1. Promote something that you know is definitely high quality and of use to people. 

Whether the products you are promoting are your own products, or someone else's that you are an affiliate for, it is very important to only be promoting things that are quality products, and do what they are advertised to do. 

The worst thing that you can do as a marketer is to not care about the products that you are promoting with a view only to be making commissions, because it will only bite you in the end. Bad news spreads fast on the internet, and you don't want to do anything that risks your reputation. 

2. Create an appealing headline that attracts attention

No one is going to bother turning up to your event if you use a bland, boring headline that sounds just like everybody else's. 

Your headline needs to attract attention, but also be relevant to the webinar that you are promoting. 

3. Describe the main benefits of the webinar, and why people should bother attending 

In the body of the event it is important to get straight to the point and tell people why they should bother turning up. 

The sole purpose of the body of the message is to motivate people to click on the link and register for the webinar. 

This is where you explain to people what you are going to be teaching them, and how they are going to benefit by showing up. In other words you must provide them a good reason why they should go to the effort of registering.

4. Include your link in the body at least twice, with one of the links above the fold

One mistake that a lot of people make is to only include the link once, and right down the bottom of the message. 

Some people will not bother reading your message, and never scroll down the page, and therefore never even see the registration link. 

It is always a good idea to put a link somewhere in the first 8 – 10 lines of the message, where people can see it immediately. 

And you should also put at least one more link in there somewhere to encourage the reader to click through the to registration page. 

5. Invite as many people as possible that you believe may be interested 

You may as well invite as many people as possible to the event to maximise the amount of registrations. This will work well if you have a large group of Facebook friends that know, like and trust you.

To make this quicker and easier you can watch the video above which shows you a simple method of adding all of your friends to the invitation list for the event.

6. Email your subscriber list about the webinar as well

As well as your Facebook friends, you may as well invite all of your email subscribers as well. This will really maximise your number of registrations. 

The subject headline and the body of the message can be copied and sent out to your subscribers as well. 

7. Send people a reminder about the event a day or so before hand. 

People will easily forget about your event if you don't remind them about it. 

You can send messages to the people that have said that will be attending,  and also the ones that have said that they might attend.

You might want to send different messages to these groups of people, but the point is that you want to make sure that they gone to the registration page and actually registered. 

From my experience many people will say that will be be attending, but they never register – so you want to be encouraging them to register for the webinar (they have to register to be able to watch the webinar).

Just make it a friendly reminder that they have to register to watch the webinar, and for those that have already done this they don't need to do it again. 

I have personally had some good success using Facebook events to send people to information packed webinars, that I know are going to help them.

You might find though that some people on Facebook may get upset about you inviting them to a webinar, and tell you so, but I wouldn't let that worry you. 

These are the sort of people that you don't really want as your friends on Facebook anyway, because if they are not interested then they can easily ignore the request.

But having said this, you should only use this strategy once in a while because people will get tired of you repeatedly inviting them to your events.

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