Three potential marketing strategies for ice cream

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Summary: Ice cream is not hard to sell, but you can make more from customers by pushing up-sells, creating unique flavors and using various sales tactics.

Selling ice cream during the summer is not difficult. People will line up, in the sun, just to get their hands on an ice cream cone. However, there is always a possibility of increasing sales, and to help you do so, here are three potential strategies:

Sell more

One way of increasing sales is to sell more to your existing customers. Fast food chains are experts at the up-sell and ice cream stores can benefit from the same tactics. The trick is to get the customer to consider the up-sell, without increasing the waiting times for the customers in the back of the line. Staff should prep and plan the up-sell in advance.


Another way to increase sales is to come up with unique new flavors and charge a premium. The classic flavors should remain and at the usual price. There is also a market for crazy flavors like cotton candy, gummy bears.


Most businesses have some form of sales tactic that works. One particularly effective tactic to try is providing sample tasting of each flavor. Some stores allow unlimited tasting until the customer is satisfied. Another tactic is to store your ice cream in containers that maintain texture and temperature for serving and a separate set for tasting.

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