MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

For those of you who are looking for a professional affiliate link management solution, then this review of MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate will be very pleasant reading. 

The main purpose of this plugin is to provide you with a neat section to store all of your affiliate links, convert them into URL's that include your domain name, and to also automatically create affiliate links for certain keywords that you have chosen. But that is selling the plugin short, because it does a lot more than that. 

There are other similar products available, but all the ones that I have seen only include a few of the features below, and none of them give you as much control over your affiliate links and make it so easy to manage. Read the full review ==>


start a blog that matters

How To Start A Blog That Matters

Starting a blog is a daunting prospect if you have never done it before, and have no idea what you are doing. 

Most people really get bogged down in the technical stuff such as the web design, the theme, and the layout of their website, but ignore the more important factors such as:

  • who their target audience is and what they are struggling with
  • what their USP (unique selling proposition) might be
  • creating quality content that fits the criteria above. 
  • building an audience or community that keeps coming back to your blog

If you don't have a plan to have these four aspects nailed down you are basically wasting your time. 

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