Mike Filsaime Interview

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Mike Filsaime now earns more than $7.2 million dollars per year (and rising). He has rapidly risen from newbie to multi-millionaire in just under a decade and has done this by carefully following sound business principles and in particular, his own 'butterfly marketing' viral marketing strategies.

Be prepared to be blown away from what you'll learn in this intriguing audio lesson.

You're about to learn:

  • How to overcome the social conditioning that keeps 90% of the population flat broke – If you've ever heard (or said yourself) something like this… "you have to work hard to make money" or "opportunities only come around once in a lifetime" then you need a radical rethink.
  • How almost anyone can turn a 'hobby job' or part time business into a multi-million dollar company – powerful stuff
  • Discover the real secret behind Mike's 'Overnight Success' with Butterfly Marketing – $700,000 in one day & $1.5Million+ in 2 weeks – Learn how he did it.
  • Learn how to recognize when it makes sense to outsource – Know when the time's right to employ staff to drive your business forward.
  • The one strategy Mike believes has brought him more success than anything else over the last few years (and it's made him a 'household name' in marketing.)
  • How to really network, develop successful business relationships and build trust