How To Create An Effective Video Marketing Strategy

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One of the corner stones of profitable internet marketing is to ensure that you have an effective video marketing strategy. 

The facts are that video marketing is essentially free, and it is nowhere near as complicated as most people think it is. Many so called internet marketers are petrified of getting in front of the camera and never bother to give it a try. 

But this is just a cop out, as it is obvious that every single top earner gets their face in front of the camera and shows the internet world what they look like and sound like. Only leaders make money online, and there is really no point even starting if you just want to sit behind the computer and hope people buy your stuff. 

in 2011 and beyond relationship marketing (not advertising) is going to be the primary way of earning money online. The major advertising networks are not interested in affiliate marketers anymore, they are interested in attracting corporations that spend 5 figures or more per month.

The FTC is largely to blame for this, and it is clear that companies like Google no longer offer the opportunities that they offered back in 2006. 

Things have changed, for better or for worse. 

So my point here is that if you are serious about making money online you really need to learn to master video marketing and use it to your advantage. Google loves video content and will rank you high on the search engines very quickly if you are able to learn how to choose the right keywords to target.

Content is king, and video is clearly the way of the future. And if you don't want to sit in front of the camera, then you can use screen capture software to record yourself talking over a keynote presentation or powerpoint presentation. Just create some slides and talk over them and record it. 

Video allows you to build your personal brand and show people that you are leader, and an expert in your field. And even if you are not yet an expert, you can still make yourself look like you are – with a bit of imagination. It is without question the easiest low cost marketing strategy you can use to start getting results.

So lets get stuck into some effective video marketing strategies. 

The three types of of valuable "content rich" videos that people like to watch:

1. The episode. An example of this would be like an ongoing mini TV series that is 3 – 5 minutes long and is a light hearted comedy. You could make up a funny character just like Todd Falcone does with a character called Buzzy, or Gregg Davison does with a character called Georgina. You will get a lot more views if your video is really funny, compared to a video where you are stone dead serious. 

2. The revelation. "Today, I just had the biggest revelation about ………..". This type of video creates curiosity, and entices people to find out more by adding a touch of spice to something that might normally be just a standard topic by making it interesting. 

3. The tutorial. This is my favourite as I like to teach people how to do things. Try to base your tutorial around topics that people want to learn about, and are searching Google for high quality information.

The Seven Steps To An Effective Video Marketing Strategy:

1. Always start off by doing some keyword research to find a keyword that is related to your video, but is also possible to rank highly in Google. Your keyword should have between 100 and 1000 searches per month on average using the Google Keyword Tool

You want at least 100 searches per month because anything less does not have enough demand, and you want less than 1,000 because otherwise the keyword has too much competition to be able to rank for (unless you are a SEO guru).

2. The first 10 seconds of your video are absolutely vital. You need to quickly say something that will motivate the viewer to keep watching. People need to be either educated or entertained by your videos to bother watching them. In summary – Get the viewers attention immediately, or lose them.

3. You need to highlight the problem that your viewer is having by clearly identifying their pain. People usually only buy online if they are looking to solve a problem with information.

If they want to buy bananas or pizza they will go to their local shop, but if they want to purchase information or a business opportunity then they will search online. So work out how you can solve people's problems and use this as your focus when doing your videos.

Make sure your are not spamming people about buying your stuff – that is the best way to turn people off (and it very rarely works anyway).

4. It is not good enough to just highlight the problem though, you need to offer solutions on how you can help them to solve their problem. Use bullet points, photos and screen shots to show them how you can solve their problem. 

5. It is important to show them some social proof if you can. People are usually skeptical about buying things online from people that they don't know – with good reason.

If you can show them some proof that you are getting certain results, or that you know what you are talking about as it will go a long way towards reducing skepticism and lack of trust. 

6. Make sure that you close the video with some sort of call to action. Tell the viewer what to do next, and make it as simple as possible. 

7. Put your web address at the end of the video itself with text, the very start of the description on YouTube, and also any other video site that you upload the video to. 

So to summarise this post it is important to focus on creating high quality content and provide value for your viewers. The better the quality of your videos, the more subscribers you will get. And don't forget to smile in your videos and make them as entertaining as possible.

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