How To Automatically Create Anchor Text Links On Your Blog

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There are many advantages of using anchor text links in your blog posts, but the two most important reasons are:

1. creating inbound anchor text links that link to your other blog posts

2. creating anchor text links that link to your affiliate programs

I used to create my blog posts and then when finished, I would start to manually adjust some of the text into relevant anchor text and link it either to other posts on my blog (or to affiliate links). 

But this became very time consuming, boring and mundane, and I knew that there must be a better way to set this up once and automate it for good. To be successful online you it is crucial to take advantage of as much leverage as possible, and make your business run as automated as possible (without damaging the end result or your reputation). 

So, to get to the point I have described how I now automate this side of my business. 

1. Inbound anchor text links

By linking to your other blog posts you are improving the ranking of those blog posts in the search engines. By continually linking to relevant posts on your blog and using keyword rich relevant anchor text you create a powerful link wheel which is well recognised by Google and the other major search engines. This is great for SEO purposes.

I use a plugin called SEO Smart Links to do this for me automatically. SEO Smart Links is able to automatically link keywords and key phrases in your posts and comments with other corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

SEO Smart Links searches for relevant keyword phrases that match the titles of your posts and pages by default (and you can also enable categories and tags matching too). These phrases are then automatically converted into the links. The matching is case insensitive and the original case is preserved, so that you don't have to worry about ending up sentences that don't make sense. 

2. Anchor text links to affiliate programs. 

By using clever related keywords you can easily set your blog up to always link to certain affiliate programs whenever you use these keywords. For example if you were an affiliate for Amazon and wanted to promote books written by Brian Tracy, you could choose certain key phrases that would always link to Amazon with your affiliate link. 

Although SEO Smart Links does also include this feature I prefer to use a plugin called MaxBlogPress Affiliate Ninja, which makes it extremely easy to set up once and forget it. All you need to do is to type in your keyword phrase (can be more than one word) and then enter the affiliate link. 

Once this information is entered, your keyword will link to your affiliate program right through out your entire blog. This is extremely powerful as it maximises the amount of targeted clicks that you get on your affiliate links.

Plus, you can also set a maximum number of affiliate links for all posts, which gives you control over having far too many links in the one post (which can be embarrassing). There are heaps of other really useful features also, which I have covered in detail in my Ninja Affiliate review.

Providing you are promoting quality products your chances of making sales are much greater, and you are not having to manually copy and paste long links, and create the anchor text yourself. 

I highly recommend Ninja Affiliate as it works brilliantly, and saves a lot of time and effort as well. 

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