C4IM Table of Modules

Module 1 – The Preparation

Market research and identifying exactly who you are selling to

Module 2 – The Headline

Find out exactly how to write benefit driven headlines with killer hooks that motivate the prospect to keep reading.

Module 3 – The Lead

Learn how to start your sales letter without losing the attention of the prospect and start talking about the problem.

Module 4 – The Solution

Introduce your product as the ideal solution to the problem above.

Module 5 – The Benefits

Hit your prospects hot buttons by showing them how your product will benefit them.

Module 6 – The Proof

Prove to the prospect that it does what you say it does, and that it has worked for other customers.

Module 7 – The Offer

Talk about the specific details of the product that you are offering to sell to them.

Module 8 – The Guarantee

Remove the risk and skepticism by providing a money back guarantee

Module 9 – The Scarcity

Make it clear that the prospect must take action today to not miss out on something that is limited.

Module 10 – The Call To Action

Introduce the price and actually ask for the order.

Module 11 – The Close

Remind them what will happen if they don't take action.

Module 12 – The Editing

Polishing up your copy and editing your draft to complete the finished product.