Activating content across multiple channels

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Many people see content marketing as a single strategy to improve search rankings. While this is true, looking at it this way prevents you from making the most of your content. Content marketing is an evolving process and here are some tips on using multiple channels:


Content creation should not revolve around a single persona or personality. There are different users, who have different personas. Each of these personasreacts differently to various types of content. Identify and target the different personas to make more effective use of your content. For example, you can produce pictures and videos that you can share on short-formcontent, social platforms like Instagram and target the millennial generation.


All marketing is at its most basic level a social endeavor. Also, content produced in-house is also not the only content available. You can make use of content created by others with content curation. Not only will it help build relationships with the brands and sites you feature, but it will also give you content with limited time and effort.

User generated

Social media platforms are a treasure trove of information and opportunity for marketers. Given the right impetus, users will generate tons of content, all which you can tap at no additional cost. The right hashtags and acknowledgment to the user will go a long way to building a connection to your customers. These customers could ultimately become advocates for your products with the right support.